Call Center Services

Anytime Access to Your Locations

Hello's inbound call center provides an immediate response device, 24 hours a day, for calls generated by advertising, direct or special PR promotions and more.

Telereceptionists are trained on each account for that personal touch. Services which can reduce your labor costs & labor demands. A staff that specializes in the inbound sales effort. Resources available to maximize call return.

Call Center Services

Our Call Center unites an experienced staff with today's technology to deliver professional call results, in-depth tracking reports, and seamless integration with your organization. Call Center Services include:

Inquiry Fulfillment - A dedicated line for inquiry fulfillments, order-taking, application processing and data collection. And with no heavy fees or strict contract requirements and time-saving applications, you'll save both time and money.

Registration Line - A reservation and/or registration line for specific events, conferences or conventions. Attendees can make reservations at their own convenience. It will save you extra labor costs for that special event, plus we can provide resources on an as-needed basis.

RSVP Services - After sending out invitations, with a special RSVP number included, we handle the responses! All information regarding names of guests and number in party attending is taken by our operators for your convenience. In addition, you provide us with information regarding frequently asked questions your guests might have, such as location or parking, etc. and we can easily relay this to your guests.

Web Assistance - When your customers call your toll-free number, we can establish a link to your website where we record the information. This allows you to better manage the data, inventory and pricing because it is all in one place-on your website.

*All Inbound Telemarketing Services are available nation wide in the continental United States.