Secure Text Message Communication

Protect your patients and protect your organization when you use SecureText Messaging to send encrypted messages to Android™, Apple® iPad®, iPhone®, iPod touch® and BlackBerry® mobile devices.

Keep Communications Private

Unlike SMS text messages, Secure Text Messaging encrypts messages to keep your information secure. To ensure security, messages are not stored on your devices, passcodes can be required, and access can be remotely disabled. Since the Secure Text Messaging uses its own app on the mobile device, the messages are kept separate from the recipient’s other text and e-mailed messages.

HIPAA Compliant.

For healthcare organizations, securing patient information is required. By encrypting your information, Secure Text Messaging helps ensure that your data remains confidential.

Save Time.

Messages are immediately sent and received for fast, collaborative communications. Secure Text Messaging can save your staff two minutes per message when compared to legacy paging technology.

Save Money.

Reduce costs when you eliminate pagers. Use Secure Text Messaging to send an unlimited number of messages, with an unlimited number of characters in each message.

Confirmation of Message Receipt.

It provides encrypted “message delivery” receipts allowing the Telephone Answering Service to know the mobile device received the message.

Instantly Communicate.

Secure Text Messaging immediately sends messages - eliminating delays. When composing messages, users instantly see which recipients have their status set to On, and which are Off. Critical messages can be designated as High Priority.

Persistent Alerts of New Message.

The recipient receives a repeated alert that a new message has been received to ensure immediate action. Recipients can customize how often they are alerted of a new message.

Easy to Use.

Secure Text Messaging gives you advanced communications with easy-to-use Apps for your smartphones and tablets. Users can easily customize Settings, such as Notification/Sound Options (including Silent, and numerous audio choices), as well as how often users are notified of pending messages.

Easy to Access.

Secure Text Messaging is available as a cloud-based solution, allowing users to send messages from device to device and/or directly from your Telephone Answering or Call Center service. Secure Text Messaging uses both WiFi and 3G/4G/5G technology to ensure messages are sent and received from virtually anywhere.

Streamline Communications.

Since messages are separate from other e-mail and SMS messages, Secure Text Messaging makes it easy to manage your messages. The message threads allow you to easily keep track of conversations

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