Property Management Answering Services

Services Specially Designed for Property Management Companies

Great Support for Current Tenants and Prospective New Residents.
Hello's Operator Answering Services provide a friendly, professional client contact readily equipped to handle the needs of your industry

  • 24-hour live service available geared especially to your industry
  • Quick and reliable support and completely customized accounts
  • Highly trained operator support for tenants & prospective tenants
  • Easy retrieval of messages via pager, fax, voice mail, e-mail, cell phone & text messaging

Live Telephone Answering Service is the cornerstone of Hello, Inc.'s communication services. Either your local number or your toll-free number can be forwarded to us or your Hello number can be advertised for direct dialing. You have a choice of local numbers for Richmond, Tri-Cities, Hampton Roads, Fredericksburg, Northern Virginia and Charlottesville. We then work with you to design the most effective procedures and menu screens that our operators will use in handling your calls. This means the operator can answer calls with whatever answer phrase you request and listen for keywords that indicate which issues are emergencies. When callers use any of the designated keywords, an emergency escalation procedure is initiated. To speed up message delivery our operators can with one keystroke send the message to a cell phone or an alpha pager. Management can receive a report of each event. Your total cost will depend on the amount of time we need to effectively design your unique service and the method you choose for dispatching messages.

Now when tenants or prospective tenants call, they can receive immediate assistance from a live operator 24 hours a day. So when a pipe breaks at 4:00 in the morning, someone is there to answer the call. That's a difference that really means something to residents. Industry research has shown that improved maintenance responsiveness alone can result in an increase in resident renewals.

We are especially proud of the high level of answering services that we have been providing for our customers for 91 years.

Hello Inc. proudly provides service to the following cities and surrounding areas: Richmond, Charlottesville, Virginia Beach, Fredericksburg, Newport News/Williamsburg and Northern Virginia