Telephone Answering Services

Create A More Professional Image For Your Company

Hello's Operator Answering Services provides friendly, professional client contact while you're away from the office.

24-hour live service available creates a more professional image of your company. Highly trained operators who care about your business. Easy retrieval of messages via pager, fax, voice mail, e-mail, cell phone & text messaging.

Live Telephone Answering Service is the cornerstone of Hello, Inc.'s communication services. Either your local number or your toll-free number can be forwarded to us or your Hello number can be advertised for direct dialing. You have a choice of local numbers for Richmond, Tri-Cities, Hampton Roads, Charlottesville, Fredericksburg, and Northern Virginia. We then work with you to design the most effective procedures and menu screens that our operators will use in handling your calls. This means the operator can answer your calls with whatever answer phrase you request and automatically time stamp and file your messages in your account. To speed up message delivery, our operators can with one keystroke send your messages to your fax machine or e-mail address or cell phone. Since all messages are typed onto custom message forms, you also have the option of calling any operator who will easily retrieve your messages and read them back at your request.

As your company's needs change, Hello works with you to re-design your procedures and information screens so that we can continue to efficiently provide the services that your business needs. Your total cost will depend on the amount of time we need to effectively design your unique message service and the method you choose for dispatching messages to you. Whether its a basic Message Center (paging service for Alpha pager customers) or full service (the next best thing to answering your own phone), Hello has the ability to serve your callers in a pleasant and professional manner while providing efficient and innovative solutions to your messaging needs.

Hello Inc. proudly provides service to the following cities and surrounding areas: Richmond, Charlottesville, Virginia Beach, Fredericksburg, Newport News/Williamsburg and Northern Virginia