Voice Mail Services

Work Easier, Faster & Smarter For Increased Productivity

Messages relayed to your Hello Pager or cell phone for quick response Live Operator Services integrated with Automated Attendant

As a Hello Voice Mail user, you are provided with a local telephone number which accepts any calls that are forwarded, direct dialed or transferred from your office. Hello's Voice Mail can notify your Beeper or cell phone when you have a new message in your mailbox. Added features for multiple users make this service the perfect inhouse messaging system as well. The same message can be distributed to your entire staff or to selected personnel. And with Hello's Bulletin Board service, you get Press 1 and Press 2, etc. options, so callers can leave their message with a specific person or department. Hello's Automated Attendant service allows callers to reach an operator, a receptionist, another person in your organization or Hello's message center.

You can add our voicemail to your existing phone sysem without purchasing any additional equipment.

Hello Inc. proudly provides service to the following cities and surrounding areas: Richmond, Charlottesville, Virginia Beach, Fredericksburg, Newport News/Williamsburg and Northern Virginia